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1. Frying powder:

coat for food and frozen food based on the texture of meat, most suitable for fillets, shrimps, poultry and livestock meat. Features moisture maintenance and adhesion without shedding and freeze-proof, a good alternative to egg white.
2. Sausage frying powder:

mixed by purely natural powder, economic, easy-to-dip, easy-to-fry, low greasy and extraordinary distensibility.

3. Crisp frying powder:

kind of powder for diversified cookeries, not only gives good smell, but also crisp and luscious taste. Food juice is also kept after frying. economical, low greasy, even smells good when reused.

4. Baking powder:

fast and convenient for family bakery, makes you a professional cook of cake baking.

5. Egg-free baking powder:

a developed baking powder especially for vegetarians and people abstinent from egg. Stir with water only or add flavors, steam for 25 minutes on big flame, serve. Can make sweet or salted dish with meat or vegetable.

  6. Potage powder:

vinegar proof, alkali proof, heatproof, freeze proof, prevents the separation of water from starch when the potage is cooled or taken. Suitable for deli or prepared food pouch. Can be frozen, defrozen and reheated. Small pack for consumers, big one for restaurants and food stalls.

7. Taiwanese jelly powder and snacks:

for fast, easy-to-make, good-looking and savory cookery for breakfast and snacks. Stir with water and steam for 20 minutes on, then add flavors like adzuki beans, chocolate, strawberry, cream and so on.

8. Waffle powder:

good smell, crisp crust and soft & smooth inside gives you a good taste for family bakery and gathering. You can make waffle as good as what you eat at restaurant and cafe. Hsien Zi Wei strongly recommends it for breakfast and teatime.

9. French crepe powder:

crispy, good smell and stainless mainly offering to French crepe store.

10. Chicken frying powder:

originally offered to fried chicken store and now promoted to family. You can fry the chicken as good as the one made in chicken store, crispy, juicy. Including original flavor and spicy flavor.

11.Taiwanese jelly powder:

to keep low moisture of Taiwanese jelly to avoid deterioration, it will be added some additives when sold in most of markets and supermarkets. Hsien Zi Wei's powder is low moisture mixed by natural powder. No fear of deterioration during storage. Hygienic, healthy and convenient for DIY cookery, only takes few minutes to make Taiwanese jelly.

300g packed Taiwanese jelly powder stir with 1.2kg cold water, then warm it over from high flame, medium flame to low flame for 2 minutes. Pour it into the container to cool down. Add sugar soup, peanuts, mung beans as a good dessert to treat friends.

12.Fried oyster cake powder:

a genuine Taiwanese cuisine which you can easily make with Hsien Zi Wei's fried oyster cake powder at home as good taste as the one served at restaurant.


1. Stir 2 tbs of fried oyster cake powder in a bowl of 1/2 cold water, prepare.
2. Heat the oil on a pan, fry an egg and then add some oysters on it.
3. Stir the egg with a spoon, then add the mixing(step 1)on it.
4. Add some crowndaisy chrysanthemum or other vegetable, turn over to fry until the sauce is absorbed, serve.
5. Can add some condiment like chili sauce or bean sauce for better relish.

Packaging : 1kg(bag/box), 20kg, 22 kg, 25kg, 30kg(sack/case)

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