Shang Fa Store
mainly produces all kinds of materials for noodles, cakes and snacks such as flour, starch, rice starch, frosted sugar, starch and frying powder. Contact Shang-fa anytime for any inquiry.

Main products : flour, starch, frosted sugar, frying powder

Purposes : deep-fried fluffy dough stick, sachima, bread toast, hamburger, pasta, spring roll skin, bun, doughnut, noodle, cookie, dessert, cake, water dumpling skin, machine made noodle, adhesion, chewy & dainty , glutinous, freeze proof, soft and smooth, suitable for thick soup or potage cookery, rice glue dumpling, meat ball, fried oyster cake and so on coat for food.
Packaging : 1kg(bag/box), 20kg, 22 kg, 25kg, 30kg(sack/case)

Tung-An House Fu-te Food Store
*Company address: No. 70-2, Alley 121, Lane 175, kuo Sheng Rd., Changhua , Taiwan
E-mail :
TEL : 886-4-7377337 FAX :
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